Sewing Inspiration

Mar 10, 2017 | Thoughts | 0 comments

Sometimes I think that inspiration has its own agenda, it comes and goes when it feels like, sometimes it strikes and the only thing on your mind is to run and create! It becomes irrelevant where you are at the moment and what you are doing. The feeling is obsessive! It takes full control of your mind!

It did happen to me so many times since I started sewing. The creation became a part of my life. But! It is not always easy… Mostly I’m left with the great idea in the head with a small missing piece…I just can’t start it yet, I need to complete the whole picture!
It might be a fear of “What if it is not my style?” or “What if this pants won’t fit straight away?”… Or this one: “Is it the right fabric for this dress?”.. I have two way of getting it down:

  1. Start sewing (and keep those doubts in my head until I finish the project…lol!)
  2. Check bloggers who have made it already

The second one is the best! It does give me so huge push and for a long time!!! This is when the inspiration gets my whole head and mind when I’m sure in each step I take and I know where I will finish up!

Thanks guys for sharing your experience and ideas in your personal blogs!