Have you thought of shirtdress in print?

Apr 7, 2017 | Shirtdresses |

Before I started sewing I had my wardrobe full of clothes in plain colors. It used to always happen that I could never choose a print (unless it’s leopard, lol, although even with it I had difficulties) from RTW. There have been always something that did not resonate completely with me. Then…..sewing happened! lol I have opened myself to the whole world of fabrics and I started falling in love with prints like crazy!)) There are just too many to choose from! I confess I have been thinking of shirtdress (and not only ūüėČ ) in print, but I just can’t choose what I want to start from!

After the post about floral shirtdresses, I realized that I cannot specify here, I need to see the fabric and choose the exact one I want, but making looking at all bloggers in polka dot shirtdresses I decided for sure that if I start with polka dot it must be white dots on blue background)) It is just something in it very very heartwarming for me!

Down below you can see huge variants you can get your inspiration from! There are Aztecs¬†prints, stripes, birds, cats, squares…you name it! I think I want one in each, although I would change cat’s for dog’s print as I’m into dogs) ahh! These are so beautiful!!! I’m super grateful to bloggers that I have the opportunity¬†(and their permission) to share all those fantastic creations in one blog post!


Check out bloggers below (click on the image to get directly to their blogs!)

I want to express my gratitude to all participating bloggers for their amazing creations and for sharing their experience with us! Thank you so much!!!

That’s it for today) Hope you could find a little bit of inspiration for the creation of your handmade wardrobe!

But it is not all, next week I’m coming with more shirtdresses!)



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