Shirtdresses in Plain Fabrics

Jun 9, 2017 | Shirtdresses | is been a long time since the last post. The news came to us from nowhere and we needed to move, everything was unexpected and at the same time “expected”, lol Does these things happen to you? WHn you wait for something for too long and when it comes it feels like total surprise?? So, what I’m saying is that we needed to move, from Santiago de Compostela to Barcelona. It is a huge change, and the move was not as smooth as I would like. But I totally love it here!)) We still do not have the internet in our apartment, and some furniture is missing also, but I could not wait anymore, so I’m writing from the closest shopping center.

I wanted so much to continue “ShirtdressesTheme” that I could not wait any longer) There are few ideas more I generated while “moving”, so, new things are coming!

In this post, I want to share with you photos of bloggers who have sewn their shirtdresses using plain fabric. Earlier this year we talked about polka dots, floral, denim, and prints. So, plain shirtdresses will close the topic about fabric choices. And then will talk a little bit more, but about interesting details, you can use to spice up your sewing pattern.

Check out bloggers below (click on the image to get directly to their blogs!), they have chosen chambray or denim for their shirtdresses, you can get some new ideas or look at another angle on these fabrics!

I want to express my gratitude to all participating bloggers for their amazing creations and for sharing their experience with us! Thank you so much!!!

That’s it for today) Hope you could find a little bit of inspiration for the creation of your handmade wardrobe!

But it is not all, next week I’m coming with more shirtdresses!)



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