Mar 24, 2017 | Shirtdresses | 0 comments

Denim and chambray were much easier and secure choice than florals… There were few color tones to choose from, but floral print overwhelms me)) in a good way;)! I mean there are so many flowers, colors, backgrounds…ahh I have no words! I think maybe that’s why I was escaping floral prints until sewing world got me?! Well, even now I didn’t sew many floral fabrics, but I’m always fascinated by them and by the super feminine look floral prints provide. I want to experiment more with it, and introduce more flowers to my wardrobe) And you? Do you sew florals?

Check out bloggers below (click on the image to get directly to their blogs!), they have chosen a floral print for their shirtdresses, you can get some new ideas or look at another angle on these fabrics!

I want to express my gratitude to all participating bloggers for their amazing creations and for sharing their experience with us! Thank you so much!!!

That’s it for today) Hope you could find a little bit of inspiration for the creation of your handmade wardrobe!

But it is not all, next week I’m coming with more shirtdresses!)



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