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Choosing fabric for your first shirtdress can be overwhelming, believe me, I’m exactly on this stage! This month of shirtdresses changed completely my way of looking at shirtdresses, especially choosing one for myself. I was a non-believer and highly criticized any my hubby used to ask me to try in shopping malls.

Here I am, trying to choose the pattern I want to sew and together with it thinking about the fabric. So if you are not yet a shirtdress specialist and you want to start from something, then I believe the best option is chambray or denim! If you are reading this post right now and the weather outside is getting warmer pretty fast, then the best option for spring time is gonna be chambray. It is much lighter fabric and you will be able to transfer it to summer very easily.
Even if it’s spring outside, but you are somewhere in Canada, then probably you still want to keep up with some warmer clothes, so probably it is better to go for denim. It’s much thicker and you won’t be freezing outside) More than that, you will be able to jump in this dress in beginning of fall and probably wear it until it the weather will really drop down!

You are shirtdress goddess and you are looking for something new, another idea to refresh your wardrobe for spring? In this case, you probably have it in denim or chambray already, but maybe you can experiment with the wash? Get it in a lighter shade? Or even try some distressing on denim fabric, there are a lot of tutorials online for distressing jeans, try them o the dress!;)

Check out bloggers below (click on image to get directly to their blogs!), they have chosen chambray or denim for their shirtdresses, you can get some new ideas or look at another angle on these fabrics!

I want to express my gratitude to all participating bloggers for their amazing creations and for sharing their experience with us! Thank you so much!!!

That’s it for today) Hope you could find a little bit of inspiration for the creation of your handmade wardrobe!

But it is not all, next week I’m coming with more shirtdresses!)



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