The central piece of your wardrobe
must be your body.

Even if you are not good at drawing, you can follow step-by-step the instructions I gave in the book and you will be able to draw your own Body Silhouette!

22 euros

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The book is in PDF format and it is interactive. Be sure to check the bookmarks and links.


For the best experience visualize it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Check the full-screen mode (Ctrl+L for Windows and Cmd+L for Mac) to get complete comfortability while choosing your silhouettes!

Should You Buy the hWardrobe book?

This book is a boon for visual learners and home seamstresses!

But it may not be for you…

This is for YOU if:

✄ You love sewing.

✄ You struggle with too many ideas and too little time for your sewing.

✄ You need to organize your sewing list.

✄ You want to sew clothes which will empower your body.

✄ You are a fabric addict.

✄ You have sewn less than a half of the patterns you own.

This might not be for you if:

✄ You DON’T want to organize your sewing list.

✄ You absolutely hate drawing.

✄ You are not interested in having your own handmade wardrobe.

✄ You love the system you have now for sewing.

✄ You have the perfect wardrobe.

Constant Inspiration and a Plan to Implement it!

With this hWardrobe book, you’ll know how, when and what to add to your handmade wardrobe.

Start Designing Your Handmade Wardrobe Right Now