Hi! My name is Valeria and I’m a sewing blogger at valeriaspeck.com. I’ve been seriously knitting (needles and crochet) before I started sewing, let’s say for almost 7 years) My journey in sewing is not long, but I could learn so many things from different sources and especially from sewing bloggers!

Recently I’ve released an ebook “hWardrobe: Designing Your Handmade Wardrobe in a Creative, Fashionable and Sustainable Way.” The principal aim of the book is to help you plan and design your sewing for your curves! Not against them, and not in an attempt of hiding something you think is wrong… It’s all about your body!

Then we have a look at your dressing room, checking what styles you love to wear, in order to create two sewing lists: Love & Experiment. It’s important to sew what you absolutely love to wear, There is a little sense in sewing a beautiful garment in fabulous fabric and always leave unworn… There is also a huge importance in experimenting, trying new forms you normally wouldn’t!

Sewing opened so many doors for me, I couldn’t imagine! I found that I wasn’t “wrong”, my body is fine, and I can wear a lot of styles and look fantastic! But for it, I want to thank you, sewing bloggers! When I want to make something new, a pattern with a silhouette I’ve never worn before, I go and check sewing blogs, looking for similar curves. It helped me to decide, to make what I love to wear, to experiment!!!

And as an addition to the ebook planning steps for your sewing, I want to inspire you with monthly themes. So you can see what bloggers make, find new faces, curves that are similar to yours and sew the garments you will love to wear!

Spring is here! March is going to be all about shirt dresses)!